Okay... they're REALLY called CAKE POPS! ha ha! But... ours kinda turned out like CAKE PLOPS! ah ha ha! :)

I saw this totally cool book and thought how much FUN it would be to make these little guys…  especially for school treats, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day! They are soooooooooo CUTE!

Well…. Kinz and I gave it a valiant effort.  Melting the chocolate and getting it in the right consistency was a little tricky for us. Soooo… we struggled a little in the cake pop dipping process.  If anyone out there has done these sweet little doooo dads and has a trick or two up your sleeve on how to do these successfully – I would LOVE to hear it!

We decided to stick with the simple ones – dip it (or try to anyway :) and add some purple sprinkles.

This is our end product.  I didn’t have any styrofome to put the POPS in so I did it the UPSIDE DOWN way - hence the new term CAKE PLOPS! ha! :)

Regardless on how they look – they DID taste pretty goooooood! :)

The ideas in the book are adorable!  But, I've got some experimenting to do before I can add too much detail to our CRAZY CAKE POPS! ...the mystery lies in the candy melting... I'm just sure of it. 


  1. These are so cute!!! What fun! That book looks incredible!

  2. Hello and these came out amazing for a first try. They are so much fun to make. Honestly if you like and want to try it more then once invest in a Chocolate Pro. You can buy one at wal-mart for 20 dollars. You just put in the candy melts and it keeps them melted for you at the right temp. Just add a little veggie shortener (about a tablespoon) at a time until it gets nice and smooth.

    Also...grab an ice cream scoop (smaller size) for forming the cake balls. Works like a charm.


Thank you for your kind words! ♥