T-Shirt Fundraising SPECTACULAR!!

I just POPPED over to the 

...and couldn't believe my eyes!!!

What I found was an AMAZING Opportunity for OUR family to sell THEIR Totally AWESOME T-Shirts and raise money to bring our SWEETIE(S) home from Ethiopia. God has been so faithful in funding our adoption - as we get closer and closer and realize we will be making two trips to Ethiopia for two of us to bring our daughter(s) home...  It is definitely a chunk of change - I would be happy to go in debt over! :)  However, throughout the whole month of November Ordinary HERO (has BECOME our HERO) and is dedicating 100% of all of the profit of THEIR t- shirt sales to all of us who are in the process of adopting!!! WOW! 

I have wanted to do a T-Shirt FUNDRAISER for sooooo long. Unfortunately, I flunked Fundraising 101! :) ...In my case I would give everyone I know a T-Shirt and not have raised a cent! :)  Sooooo, when I saw this SUPER IDEA I started jumping up and down!!! PLUS!  I LOVE the ORDINARY HERO T-Shirts! I have already purchased two of them... :)

This is how TOTALLY EASY IT IS...

Purchase one of these AMAZING T-Shirts:
 For women... 

For men...

For Children

For a CHRISTMAS Gift...



You will be directed to the Ordinary HERO BLOG where you can PURCHASE one of the T-Shirts (shown above)!

Just put OUR NAME - DARCEE and ERIK SANDERS  in the "add special instructions to seller" box and we will receive....

$10 for every shirt SOLD!!!  That leaves $10 for ORDINARY HERO to cover their cost in order to keep purchasing more orders of them, and the extra $4.95 for the shipping and handling.

to All God's CHILDREN International (Our adoption agency) and CREDIT our account!! (just don't forget to put DARCEE AND ERIk Sanders in the "add special instructions to seller" BOX

...if that wasn't EXCITING ENOUGH... look at this:

Ordinary HERO is going to match the amount given to the top three families who have the highest shirt sales.
So let's say we sell 50 shirts...we get $500 toward your adoption. If we fall in the top three, that will be doubled to $1000!!

To get started! :) 

 from the bottom of our 

Thank you ORDINARY HERO for helping our family with our ADOPTION and for generating even MORE ORPHAN awareness!



  1. So fun!! We signed up to do this today too! SO thankful they are doing this to help out all us adopting families!! :)

  2. Aw darcee and Erik I would love to do what we can to support your adoption process for the girlies!!! I can't wait when you get to bring them home one day!! ever need a sitter;) we're here!!! Lol you have been such an inspiration to myself and our family. Thank you. I'll talk to James about shirts in honor of you and your family. I'll talk to you soon darc!!! Love you all

  3. GREAT idea! I will start shopping!! =)

  4. Awesome!
    We are taking part in this too.
    What a blessing.

    Hope you sell bunches!

  5. cool!! im on it!- tiff and co.... ;->


Thank you for your kind words! ♥