It was exactly 8 weeks and we received our FBI Checks!!!  What a FUN day to go to the mailbox!  We have also finished our Home Study and are waiting to review it.  Hopefully, we will see that on Tuesday.  One little glich did pop up in the Home Study... Since Erik went to the University of Connecticut for a couple years - it is required for him to get a Child Abuse check from that state - since he was over 18 years old.  Yesterday I received the form from AGCI to send in to Connecticut and today I Fed Ex'd the document so it will get to them QUICKLY! $32.75!... to mail one little letter that you are dying for these people to process and return as quickly as possible.  CRAZY - but totally worth it!  :)  Hopefully, we will have that document back by the time we have a finalized Home Study!!  

I have our Dossier packet (with two copies) just staring at me, waiting to add that finalized Home Study...  I must have gone through it all 30 times just making sure everything is in order and accounted for...  :) 

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