FBI Deadline Date

Okay sooooo..... today is the date that I put in the FBI letter as a 'DEADLINE DATE.' Since AGCI says to add a deadline date in the letter that was submitted with the fingerprints... This was the day that I put down... Now, if the FBI clearances come in the mail today... It will be a Miracle!! :) ...However, all things are possible... with God in charge! So... we'll see!  ...Definitely makes going to the mailbox a little more fun today! :)


  1. I love deadlines!! I usually give justin a deadline, it gets great results. (he never reads the blogs) I have a feeling the FBI doesn't care as much about our deadlines as much as husbands do but at least now you can expect it when you're checking the mail. COME ON FBI we have babies that need love!!!

  2. ha ha ha You're funny Niki! I'm going to have to start trying the 'deadline' thing with Erik! :) Thanks for being my FBI cheerleader! :) YOU ROCK! ...it didn't come yesterday. darn. :( I talked to Becky and she said that the Census stuff is causing long delays for the FBI clearance returns...


Thank you for your kind words! ♥