September 20, 2010

♥ School Girls ♥

Okay... I officially feel like we are back into a routine of things.  School is back in session for both girls....  This year they are going two different places - So... that means LOTS of quality time in the car with them! :)  Kinz started a day before her big sis!  It is SO hard to believe that this is her last year in ELEMENTARY school! WOW! I think she will be ready for that LOCKER, 6 periods, 'out of the classroom' LUNCHES... and that BIG Girl feeling of JUNIOR High... next year! :)
This is her and her little buddy FURBEEEEE (Looks like he needs his bangs cut) :) ha ha!

I LOVE these pics of my Crazy lil Madison! ha ha! It's such a typical TEENAGER face ('like seriously Mommy, you have to take ANOTHER picture' )- Texting on her way to school - to see who she will be walking "IN" with. :) This school is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! Over 1600 kids in one school! CRAZY! I am excited about the ADULT type choices she has made in her life! This is her first experience in a public school - totally her choice! We talked a lot about it during the Summer and she is excited about her decision.  I think she was ready to experience something different... and bigger.

...With Madison's choice to NOT attend a Christian school next year - I have explained to her what a HUGE contribution she has made to the ADOPTION of her little SISTER(s)! ♥

LOVE These Girls! LOVE being a Mommy!
Sooooo looking forward to being a MOMMY to our daughter(s) in Ethiopia! 


  1. Your girls are so beautiful!!! Can't wait to meet your new daughter(s)!!

  2. They're such good sports about 1st day of school pictures! And, they are BEAUTIFUL young ladies!!! Praying for your girls (here and in Ethiopia!), and for Madison to be a light for Jesus in her new school! : )

  3. thanks for stopping by our blog .. I love your blog so cute ... adoption rocks so glad your joining the club.. following along

  4. cute, cute girls! how exciting that your family is growing!

  5. Thanks Alison! ♥

    Janet - I am also praying for Madison to be a light in her new school and for other kids to see Christ living in her! THANKS for your prayers!! XOX It is a BIG change to switch schools like that ♥

    Heeeeeeeeeey Hedi and Missy - Thanks SO much for stopping by!! :)

  6. Your girls are such beauties, inside and out! Love Madi's sacrifice for your baby sister(s)!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥