August 2, 2010

♥ ወዳጅነት ~ friendship ♥

 ሰላም sälam  ጓደኛሞች gwadänyamoc

This weekend, we had an opportunity to experience some AMAZING fellowship with other families who have adopted or are adopting from ETHIOPIA...  It was SO exciting to see where everyone was in their journey!  I feel SO blessed to have met some really GREAT people in our area and even more blessed to call them my FRIENDS!  I am SO happy to know other people who have a ♥ BIG HEART ♥ for ORPHANS and a PASSION to bring them home!

This is a picture by Niki of the whole group (well, minus Erik & Kinzi - Erik came late & Kinz is in Indiana) Madison and I are right behind Niki and Justin - I think Madison was trying to dodge the picture and hide behind Justin.. ha ha! What a gooooofball! :)
Thanks NIKI - LOVE this picture! :)

Thanks Megan and Shannon for taking some GREAT pictures also - I LOVE your BLOG Posts!! :)

...already looking forward to the next get together AND seeing many more babies join the group!! :)


  1. So FUN!!! Looks like ya'll had a great group! So neat to know there were two awesome adoption picnics going on at the same in Seattle and one in Nashville!!

  2. Alison - WOWIE! Your Nashville picnic looked HUGE! How AMAZING to get that many families together in one place celebrating adoption! I LOVE IT! I hope our little group grows to be as big as yours! :)

    ...Maybe one of these days we can get our groups together - meet in the middle somewhere!! :) Till then, it is AWESOME to be your BLOG Buddy! :)

    ...Will be praying for you and your family on this Indescribable Journey!!

    BIG Blessings!

    ♥ Darcee

  3. So excited for you! In the same process, but adopting from Ghana. Praising God you are growing your family and sharing the love of Jesus with your precious little one!


Thank you for your kind words! ♥