November 3, 2011

...Still at the Riviera

Okay... I was TOTALLY wishing I was able to get our tickets changed... I LOVED the one-on-one time I was getting with Mihret but I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO READY to get OUR BABY HOME... and I missed Erik and the girls!! would have been nice to get out and walk around and talk to people and see and share Ethiopia with Mihret... Instead of seeing the inside of room 706 for soooooooooooo long.  Our driver we loooooved, Tsega, was off on a trip with another American family and so I wasn't able to call him to have him pick us up and just drive us around... I totally could have asked a few of the cab guys down in front of the hotel but, I just didn't feel super comfortable with just me and Mihret going... the morning of the 18th Mihret and I woke up and had the breakfast buffet! Mmmm mmm! ;) ....we ended up having to make it a quickie... Mihret kept wanting to get down and run to this man sitting at a table!! AAAGH! I slurrrrped up my YUMMY coffee (I seriously could drink 12 cups it's SO delicious), shoved a few more scrumptious bites of egg and a pancake down, grabbed little miss Mihret and zippppped back to the room.

We had a great big window in our room, which was really nice.  We were able to open it and just watch people, feel the cool air, hear people talking... It was better than watching TV!! We also went to the ballroom and played a little, I gave her a bath, she snacked, played, napped.... 

We went down to the restaurant for dinner... They gave Mihret Shiro Wat (I'm sure I probably spelled that wrong) :) ha! But... she ate it like babyfood!!! It was GREAT!  I liked it tooo! :)  (She's blowing spit bubbles in this picture!!) hehehe! :)  ...We'd skype Erik and the girls every night!

...our plane didn't leave until August 19th at 7:35 p.m.!! ...Soooo, Mihret and I just pretty much hung out LOVING on each other WAITING to go HOME...

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